Stones is a Ministry Series about an angel whose touch causes people to switch lives. Each story is told in 3-5 webisodes and feature facilitator and student guides that can be used as Bible Study or Small Group lessons.

Enjoy our pilot below and make sure your church joins the Stoned revolution.


Next story series, "BLACK AND BLUE" is in pre-production and tells the story of the switch between an African American Barber and a White Police Officer.


Happy Birthday Mr Casey

Starring:   Eric D. Turner, Lisa McConnell, Gary Smiley and Christian Colucci

Screenwriter:  Kim Dunigan


Episode Details:  

In the pilot episode, Charles Casey an angel receives his assignment from God,“to help bring peace to the world” but God doesn’t tell him how he will accomplish his task.


Black and Blue Parts 2-5

Starring:   Eric D. Turner and Christian Colucci

Screenwriter:  Kim Dunigan


Episode Details:  

Charles switches an African American Barber with a White Police officer. Will they learn to understand each other.