Having a website for your business is key to customer engagement. Today's customers want to know who they're patronizing. You can create an online store or simply provide insight into who you are and what you do. Faith Journey productions can create a website for you starting at $250 for three pages. The owner will be responsible for the cost of domain and web hosting. I suggest using Wix as they have a variety of packages for domains and hosting, both of which are required for your site.  Each page of your site will be created using techniques and language to make it easier for people to find you on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. I have knowledge of keywords that can increase the traffic to your site. Please complete service request form HERE. 

A 3 Page website featuring images provided by the owner can include a Home Page, About Us Page and one other page excluding a store for $250. Additional page cost will depend on content chosen for site. For example, an online store page with a maximum of 12 items and on site payment will  cost an additional $250 if business owner is providing pictures for the site. However, if FJE does photography there will be an additional charge of $250. Total cost of the example listed above is $750. 

QR codes are designed to be scanned from smart phones and lead your customers directly to your site without having to type in your URL. QR codes can be placed on business cards, other printed materials and used in social media. FJE can create a QR code for your site for $50

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